Products - controls

Will the solar blinds utilize our new advanced RF technology?
Solar blinds will be IR at launch, but we will be transitioning to RF technology around April 2010.
Can solar blinds be operated using the new KLR 100 RF remote or the KLI 110 RF wall mounted keypad?
Because solar blinds will be IR at launch, they cannot be operated using the RF remote. Solar blinds will be able to utilize the RF remotes once they are based on RF technology.
What is the advantage of RF technology?
RF technology does not require a line of sight to operate like our current remotes do. They also have a much larger range so the remote will be able to operate the skylight even if the user is in another room.
On the price guide is says that the power supply kit will not be available until March 2010. Does this mean that FS and FCM skylights will be without electric blinds until then?
Effectively yes unless they are wired with a VSE or VCE skylight.
Can I convert a manual blind or shade into one that is operated electrically?
A manual blind cannot be converted into an electric blind. The manual blind would have to be removed and replaced with an electric blind and an electric power supply.
KLR 100 - Can I install blinds later and register them on a KLR 100 remote that is already in use?
KLR 100 - How many skylights and blinds can I operate with one remote control?
Each KLR 100 remote can operate any combination of up to 200 VELUX electric skylights and blinds. Products can be controlled individually or all at once from anywhere in the house.
KLR 100 - What happens when I “Register” my skylight(s)?
"Registering" your skylight(s) creates a link between the skylight and the remote control. That link means the only remote control that will open a particular skylight is the remote to which that skylight is "Registered".
KLR 100 - What is the life expectancy of the batteries in the remote control?
Approximately 1 year.
KLR 100 - What is the operating distance of the remote control?
Up to 110 yards unobstructed (about the length of a football field). Typical range is about 30' depending on building construction.
KLR 100 - What is the purpose of the 10-minute time limit to register the product before having to disconnect from the power and reconnect?
This limits the opportunity for another remote control to be accidentally programmed to operate your skylight. If your neighbor installs skylights at exactly the same time as you, and lives close enough for the RF (radio frequency) signal to reach your skylight, they can potentially register your skylight as well as theirs. It is highly unlikely that two skylights in different homes will be powered at the same time and the products registered with the 10-minute time limit.
KLR 100 - What will happen when I reset my remote control?
All your pre-programmed commands will be erased and the remote will return to its factory settings.
KLR 100 - Why do I get a “failed” message while trying to register my product?
The product (skylight or blind) has been connected to power for more than 10 minutes.
What do I use to manually operate my blind?
ZXT 300 7 hook rod can operate manual blinds up to 6’.
How do I install VELUX electrical products?
Thanks to the new wireless technology VELUX electrical products are registered automatically once the installation has been carried out. The remote control automatically identifies the electrical products once they have been plugged in – no need for linking of products with cables, changing settings, etc.

All VELUX instructions provide detailed information about the installation of the products.
What are the main benefits of electrical operation?
Through VELUX electrical operation you can obtain comfortable and flexible operation of your skylights and sunscreening products from anywhere in the house. You also have the luxury to relax in case of rain thanks to the rain sensor, and check the status of your skylights at any time via the status display of the remote control.

You can choose to personalize each window or group of windows using the timer function, the naming function, or the program function. For example, you can ask your windows to open and your blinds to rise on a time delay, and create programs to maximize energy efficiency throughout the year.
What types of products come with a rain sensor?
Models VSE and VCE come with a rain sensor as standard to ensure that your skylight automatically closes when it rains.