Products - blinds and shades

Will VELUX blinds work below a 15 degree pitch?
Our new blackout blinds and light filtering blinds are approved to work down to 0 degrees, so these blinds can be installed on all FCM, VCM, and VCE at a low pitch. This includes the solar, electric, and manual versions. Venetian blinds require a minimum of a 14 degree (3:12) roof pitch.
Will solar blinds work with white laminated glass?
VELUX will not guarantee that solar blinds will function properly unless they are installed with 04 or 05 glass.
Will the solar blinds utilize our new advanced RF technology?
Solar blinds will be IR at launch, but we will be transitioning to RF technology around April 2010.
Can solar blinds be operated using the new KLR 100 RF remote or the KLI 110 RF wall mounted keypad?
Because solar blinds will be IR at launch, they cannot be operated using the RF remote. Solar blinds will be able to utilize the RF remotes once they are based on RF technology.
On the price guide is says that the power supply kit will not be available until March 2010. Does this mean that FS and FCM skylights will be without electric blinds until then?
Effectively yes unless they are wired with a VSE or VCE skylight.
What are Pick&Click!™ brackets?
New VELUX skylights include Pick&Click! brackets built right in to make blind installation a snap! Our patented system is designed to make blind installation easier and quicker than ever.
What do I use to manually operate my ventilating skylight or accessory?

ZXT 300 7 hook rod can operate manual blinds up to 6’.

What kinds of sunscreening accessories do you offer?
VELUX offers roller blinds, venetian blinds, blackout blinds in manual, electric, and solar powered versions. See our blinds section for more information.
Will the venetian blinds raise and lower as well as adjust the slats?
Yes, the venetian blinds are fully functional to allow infinite control of light.
Will blinds work on a flat roof?
Yes our blackout blinds and light filtering blinds will work even when installed completely flat. Venetian blinds require a minimum of a 14 degree pitch.
What are the advantages of RF technology?
RF technology does not require a line of sight to operate like IR remotes do. It also provides a much larger range so the remote will be able to operate the skylight even if the user is in another room.
Can an accessory tray be used on an existing curb?
Yes as long as the curb meets the stated dimensions.
Are solar blinds eligible for a 30% tax credit?
Yes solar blinds are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit when installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2016. See our tax credit page for more information.
Can I convert a manual blind or shade into one that is operated electrically?
A manual blind cannot be converted into an electric blind. The manual blind would have to be removed and replaced with an electric blind and an electric power supply.