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Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair of your VELUX roof windows

VELUX technicians are highly trained to repair and maintain your VELUX roof window.
The following situations could indicate that you could benefit from a service visit.

1. Draft from your roof window
If you are getting a draft from your roof window, it is a sign that the gaskets need replacing.

2. Hard to open your roof window
If it is hard to open your window, it could mean that your hinges need replacing.


Advantages of ordering a service visit

  • The service technician brings the spart parts
  • You don’t have to do the job yourself and clean up afterwards
  • The price difference between ordering a spare part with/without a service visit is limited
  • All your VELUX roof windows will be checked

Save time and money!

Prepare before ordering a service visit - keep the following in mind:

Read the typesign on your window

Select type of spare part(s)

Also consider other possibilities for your VELUX windows, e.g. pane replacement, sunscreening, control options, extra security locks, new handles gaskets or brackets, etc.