Most common spare parts can be changed very easily

Our windows and other products are designed to last for years, although things can wear out or break.

Therefore, we supply a large variety of spare parts for our products and can deliver spare parts to products several years after production has been discontinued.

Here you can find the most common spare parts that can be changed with or without the assistance of a service technician.

You may choose to order spare parts and fix it yourself or you can order a service visit from one of our trained technicians.

If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for or need to obtain information on ordering, please contact VELUX Service directly or your local dealer.

Please read the typesign information on your window to make sure you get the right spare part. 

1 Striking plate
2 Covering filter rail
3 Barrelbolt
4 Lock
5 Typesign
6 Ventilation flap
7 Hinges
8 Sash
9 Frame
10 Plastic bushing

1 Top casing
2 Frame striking bead covering
3 Glass frame
4 Pane
5 Sash striking bead covering
6 Bottom sash covering above glass
7 Side frame covering
8 Bottom sash covering under glass
9 Bottom frame covering